In the techroom, screwdriver in hand :)

A little about me......

This photo is from 2001. As a rule I am not that photogenic. I am usually the one behind the camera. In fact I think that the photos you will see on this site, are mostly taken by me :)
Other photos of me

I enjoy taking photos, I also enjoy camping, computers, cars ,and high tech gadgets. I also enjoy Space and our continued exploration of Mars. Weather and Hot Wheels Cars are also hobbies of mine. See my links page for more things I like to do, as there are many.

I have a wonderful family, it consists of my wife Kim. My Daughter Nicole, and my son Christopher

My work life consists of CCS Computers & McKinney Net. One is a computer business, and the other is a web site.

Take a look around on my pages, I hope you enjoy your visit as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

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