OBX August 2001

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We flew to Rocky Mount got into a car and drove to Columbia. Stayed the night, and then got into the motor home and headed east. Although I think I can drive anything, I was scared out of my wits with that 36 ft long thing
A big truck is one thing....even a tractor is ok too...I can handle that....but hey this this is HUGE! It was a Taj Mahal on wheels....Never the less I snapped out of it and I was fine.
We spent the first night at a rest stop in Wilmington NC. From there we went north on then east again to the Outer Banks of North Carolina !!! OBX !.

To give an idea of how tight that bridge was : )
Watch the right!
It's the motor home in front of us...

We saw some ships in port on the way in:Check out some of these vessels

It was a tough ride there. Not being able to see where the side of your car is...well let's just say it's tough to get used to. The thing needs one of those little TV's with a camera on the back so you can see when you back up. U-Turns are tough too.



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